dance piece

with dancers Johanna Forsehag and Ruth Rebekka Hansen
sound designer Moritz Nahold
scenographer Max Schwidlinski

Yes, everyone can float in water, but fear can prevent some people from learning. Always have someone there to watch you when you are doing this, they’ll be able to help you with anything while you’re floating. 

- Alan Fang ("how to swim", article for wikihow, last updated January 2023)

Caught in a bleak void, where previously known logics of sensing elude us, two pals find themselves hanging out. The desolate universe holds space for a non-mission; drifting around imaginary seas. THE SWIMMER is a duet investigating companionship, loss of space and a paradoxical passing of time within the virtual. It is an eerie, yet intimate, sorrowful, soft and insisting derailment of linearity.

Supported by the Danish Arts Council, Augustinus Foundation,  Skuespillerforbundet, William Demant Foundation, Tårnby Park Studio, Copenhagen Municipality, Christianshavns Beboerhus and Sydhavns Teater.
A big thank you to Quim Bigas, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Sofia Bellucci and Anders Toft Pedersen

Poster by Stroud Rohde Pearce and Hugh Diamond
Photos by Max Schwidlinski

Video by Lara Vejrup Ostan, Max Schwidlinski and Ruben Ostan Vejrup 

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Sydhavn Teater / CPH STAGE Festival, Copenhagen (DK)