The Picnic & The Fountains (2021) 

choreographic installation

with choreographers and dancers Nadja Bounenni and Joana Öhlschläger
set design by Anders Toft Pedersen 
a big thank you to Stroud Rohde Pearce and Svea Öhlschläger

Time seems to easily slip out of our hands, attention pendulating between overstimulation and boredom.  How might humans tackle time, expectations and boredom?  And what kind of processes - emotional and physical - elude us when we avoid it?

The Picnic & The Fountains is a research on productivity, desire and boredom, and how we are together in “empty time”. 

Supported by Slots-og Kulturstyrelsen, Copenhagen Municipality, Danseatelier and Forsøgstationen.

Photos by Max Morris Doherty 

Video by Stroud Rohde Pearce

Tårnby Park Festival, Copenhagen (DK)

Voldene ved Christianshavn, Copenhagen (DK)
Skt Hans Torv, Copenhagen (DK)

Supported by