HIKE (2022) 

Book published by the International Center for Knowledge in the Arts, Copenhagen

What does it mean to practice dancing in the precarious conditions (lack of space, time, resources) of freelance contemporary dance?

In this book, I borrow hiking and let them (the book and hiking) temporarily hold the space-time for dance. I explore and question how a book, entangled with embodiment practices, holds, unfolds and carries imaginaries. It is a contemplation on perceptions of having a body, space, relation and thought through an expanded understanding of dancing. The book is composed of texts written during different artistic processes and workshops. They are notes on (group) confabulations and dialogues, appearing in relations through practicing dancing.

Written and designed by Lara Vejrup Ostan 
Printed by PrinfoTreKroner

photo by Lara Vejrup Ostan